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Chain Saws for Sawmills and Milling Lumber

This site contains information on Chain Saw milling with detailed specifications and advice about sawchains, sawbars and how to increase your milling speed and efficiency.

No matter what sawmill, chainsaw, saw bar, or chainsaw chain you are using, it is imperative that the saw cuts straight and accurately. A chain slides across the surface of the sawbar rail at 88 feet per second and the sprocket in the nose of the bar rotates close to 1 million times in the day, when milling lumber. Click here for more...

Unless you are a professional you can easily get confused trying to understand the different styles of chainsaw chain available out there. Read through our Sawchains page to get a better understanding of sawchain, which will help you in deciding what sawchain you want to use in milling lumber.

Hundreds of people worldwide over the years have asked which is the best chain saw. I have used both Stihl and Husqvarna in a professional capacity and now my personal preference is Husqvarna Chain Saws. Click here to find out why.

Visit our Chainsaw facts and check out our handy gas/oil mixing chart.

When you have finished reading this site, please check out my other site at on how to build your own heavy duty portable chainsaw mill, with lots of free information for recreational or 1 man sawmilling. With advice on milling, production per day, cost per board foot, lumber tables, mixing charts, stories, experiences, how to set up a sawmill, and lots more.

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