Husqvarna Chain Saws versus Stihl Chain Saws

Hundreds of people worldwide over the years have asked which is the best chain saw. I have used both Stihl and Husqvarna in a professional capacity and now my personal preference is Husqvarna Chain Saws. This is all to do with milling however, as in the woods, I find no difference between the saws when falling and bucking.

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Updated: September 2002
North America has gone litigation crazy and due to this you can be sued by a company for expressing an opinion, especially if it is another company like mine. I hate it but that is the way it is, nobody takes responsibility for their actions, when in doubt sue, lawyers love it. So here it is.....

STIHL - I do not know why but Stihl has cancelled any warranty on Stihl chain saws sold in Canada and shipped to the U.S.

The 088 is now only sold with the 404 chain which produces a larger kerf than the 3/8ths chain. Because Stihl has been in contact with me I cannot make any other comments than the above!!

Husqvarna chain saws - I find that the Husqvarna 3120 is an excellent milling saw with some added features for sawmilling. There is a lever to the left of the saw handle that can give you extra oil to your sawbar when you need it in different species of wood. Also Husqvarna still offers a 3/8ths chain and bar which has a narrower kerf (removes less wood in each cut) than the 404 chain.

I commend Husqvarna in protecting their customers worldwide with an extremely good warranty of 2 full years for home users (consumers).

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